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  1. Harry Allen Jordan Says:

    The images of Gale Crater ( and many others areas ) leave little doubt there was a civilization on Mars. Translation of the Book of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak ( a Rabbi and NASA consultant ) The Book of Enoch was removed from bibles made public during the 2nd century first hand printings . The translated ciphers made by Dr. Bart Jordan at MIT, from 5000 year old Sumerian heiroglyph’s tell of a site on Mars and a great war which occurred there. It also confirms that ( humankind not mankind ) was Cast down from the garden not Out of the garden. The next planet down from Mars is Earth. How did scholars of the day know these things when the telescope was still to be invented 3000 years later ? We are the Martians ….. and much more …..

    Harry A. Jordan

  2. The Mars Science Laboratory Thread (Curiosity Rover)-Landed! - Updated daily w/pics - Page 78 - Forums Says:

    […] […]

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